Residential Security Cameras

Cameras are a wonderful addition to any home or business. They provide added security, value, and have recently become much more cost efficient. All systems we install can be connected to an internet source and viewed by the customer from either a computer or smart phone.


APS has over 10 years of installing basic and advanced CCTV systems across the state. We use only the best products, and all of our installations are performed in a professional manner.


Types of Cameras


A surveillance system can consist of as few as one camera or as many as you can imagine. Our camera lines offer both economical and more advanced models, which dictates the pricing and quality of video.

A basic camera is fixed in one position with options for lenses, viewing distance, day/night viewing, and more.

More advanced cameras include IP systems, Pan/Tilt/Zoom control, and motion tracking.



Digital Recorders


All systems require a form of recorder which is the heart of the system and its capabilities. They range in size and ability depending on the application, but should always have an option for network viewing. More recently IP based systems have become more prevalent and cost effective. We sell and install all available technologies.

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