Home GSM Monitoring


In today's culture, most people are moving further and further away from traditional land lines. Our industry has reacted with its own data communication system for transmitting alarm signals through cellular communications.

We offer GSM communications for all of our new systems, but can also add a communicator to existing systems as well.

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Why Switch to Cell?

A system using GSM communications is far superior for many reasons including the following:

  • Increased Security - Land lines can be cut, which disables the monitoring ability.
  • Lose the Home Phone! - Many of our customers actually save money after they use our service and no longer need to pay their phone bill.
  • Increased Abilities - These GSM digital communicators give our customers the ability to control remotely via Text Messaging and Smart Phones.
  • Lightning Protection - Phone lines are often the major cause of lightning damage to alarm systems.

Please call or email us about these products, and ask about our package specials!