APS I-Control

Remote Control Home

We are determined to be the leading secuirty technology company in Arkansas, and stay on the cutting edge of new technologies available to our customers. We are very excited about our newest product, APS I-Control. This system incorporates not only traditional secuirty and fire alarm 

devices, but also allows the control of many other houshold appliances and controls.

With this system the customer can control all of the products below from their smart phone or internet. The result is the opportunity to bring energy efficiency, improved security, and personalized experience to all APS customers.

This system can incorporate the following products and services:
  • Remote arming, disarming, status alerts, alarms, and other signals via text message or email
  • Control of users, their access levels, and temporary access codes
  • Remote lighting controls through Z-Wave lighting modules
  • Complete remote control of thermostats using Z-Wave devices. This includes setting temperature, freeze alerts, schedules, and vacation modes
  • Remote control of physical door locks
  • Remote camera integration: View live feedback, send email video clips, text clips, and customize with security system
  • Ability to control multiple sites with one login
  • Complete hands-on customization of any and all features

Please Contact Us and let us build the perfect system for you.


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Control your home from your iPhone!

Take total control of your home from your phone. Watch a live camera feed from inside your house, lock/unlock your doors, control your thermostat, turn your lights on an off from anywhere, and much more!