Lynx Touch


Arkansas Protection Services uses the top rated wireless product of Honeywell for residential security systems. The LYNX Touch keypad comes with a keyfob-style remote entry. This panel has features a bright, full-color 4.7" touchscreen, intuitive prompts, simple icons and voice announcement of system and zone status for easier operation. There are over 50 different keypad designs that allow you to customize the LYNX Touch to fit your home and needs. Customers can add up to 64 zones of doors, windows, or motion sensors that need to be monitored with this system. Special Pet sensors are also available for those with small animals to avoid false alarms and still ensure safety at home. Add features and content to your system such as weather (one day and five day forecasts), traffic and news to stay up to date when leaving or arriving home. This system also features a Family message center for user recorded messages to keep everyone one in touch. As an added bonus, security systems not only increase property value, but usually also qualify you for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance.