2011 Arkansas Business Profiles Article

Arkansas Protection Services at a Glance

Security Firm: Keeping It Local, and Keeping It Safe
Number of Employees: 28
Top Executive: Adam Prasse, President
Product or Service: Residential andcommercial protection and security
Year Founded: 1999

Arkansas Protection Services uses personal touch in providing security. APS President Adam Prasse and his team of specialists make it a priority to put people before products. 

     When it comes to the business of security and surveillance, one of the first things people think about is technology. That’s understandable. The industry includes cameras, alarms, access control, fire alarms, networking and integrated systems to name a few. Success means staying ahead in the hi-tech game of an ever-evolving low-voltage market.

      While it remains ahead of the technology curve, Arkansas Protection Services has built a tradition of success by putting people before products.

      APS specializes in both residential and commercial security, fire alarms and all other forms of low- voltage electronics. the package also includes in-house monitoring, which completely sets them apart. “Instead of an automated service from hundreds of miles away, our customers talk to a competent, local, highly trained operator who takes their profession seriously,” APS President Adam Prasse said. the service at APS is comprehensive.

      “Everything we do is in-house,” Prasse said. “Our technicians arehighly trained. most have been with us for at least 10 years.”

      Prasse should know the value of familiarity and continuity. his father, Ron, started APS over a decade ago, instilling a philosophy of customer access and personalized service that is well in place today.

     The technology of residential security has also improved. “Pricing and ease of use has improved drastically with new technologies,” Praise said. “the systems available today offer many new services that were previously only available to the high-end automation systems.” these new services include traditional security and life-safety systems, and also incorporate remote heating and air control,
email and text alerts, lighting control, and camera viewing from Internet or smartphone. this can lead to a more energy efficient “smart” home. Prasse sees these new system options as a huge leap for the residential market.

      The same goes for APS’ corporate clients. Along with fire alarms, cameras and access control, APS offers commercial customers more sophisticated options such as IP surveillance, outdoor perimeter protection, intercom installation, cellular monitoring, and remote control of any and all applications. this is part of why schools, hospitals and businesses big and small have trusted their property to APS.

      The company has recently branched out into the multi-tenant market. Presently, APS has 19 apartment complexes among its list ofclients, with more likely to follow. “Our success in this new market is because of our partnership approach to owners and managers,” Prasse said. “Residents receive quality products and services, while the owners have great incentives to use our firm. We designed a method that allows the owner to improve their assets and make profits.”

     APS has earned the trust of its clients through affordability and selection while providing outstanding access and service as well. that begins with a central station based in Little Rock,  ensuring rapid response times and the newest technologies in client assistance.

      “In the big picture, it means you have a local provider from head to toe,” Prasse said. “Almost all other companies outsource their monitoring. When you use our services, you are going to be talking to one of our people.”

     Not just anyone can work for APS. APS employees, from sales staff to installation technicians, are fully certified in their respective fields and are some of the most experienced among similar businesses in the state. They also are some of the most thoroughly screened and evaluated, having undergone a thorough background check by the Arkansas State Police.

      That means that the employees of APS not only know security, but how to treat people as well. APS proves in an industry loaded with gadgets and new ideas, something as timeless as customer service can still make a difference.

      “Most of our staff has been with the bigger guys,” Prasse said. “You get treated like a number. here, it’s more like a family. We like to think we do a better job than anybody else out there, and that instills everyone with pride.”




Piece of mind begins at home, and the staff at Arkansas Protection Services knows this.

They also know that piece of mind has to be affordable.

      That’s why the technicians at APS have developed remote- activated technology that allows customers to arm security systems, turn lights on and off and adjust the heating and air conditioning via applications on their smart-phones.

      It sounds like the kind of feature that only the most high-end of clients can afford. But Arkansas Protection Services President Adam Prasse said that’s not the case.

      “As far as pricing goes, it’s really not that bad,” Prasse said. “That’s part of our vision for our customers.”

      Another part of ArkansasProtection Services’ vision is access to some of the best, most highly trained technicians in the business. those looking to implement or improve their home security will get a site survey done by one of APS’s employees.

      The specialists at Arkansas Protection Services work with residential security clients to design a system that fits both their needs and their budgets. the options and combinations are extensive, and go well beyond the traditional trappings of in-home security systems.

      The best way to find out what’s available is to see for yourself. Log on to ArkansasProtection. com and view Arkansas Protection Services’ newest line of residential security systems. there are also packages of different services as well as specials on various items. Best of all, customers can receive a free quote before any work even begins.

The staff at Arkansas Protection Services works with clients to design systems that fit both their needs and their budgets.

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