Video Surveillance


Video surveillance technologies have come a long way over the years. A basic system ten years ago cost a small fortune and relied on out-dated technologies. Today's products are much more efficient, scalable, and affordable.

Many if not most businesses have some sort of video recording on their properties. This assists in controlling employee/customer thefts, managing performance, and improving the overall ability of a business's operations. 

APS offers a full line of Analog and IP camera systems for commercial and residential clients. We are authorized dealers of many manufacturers, and have over a decade of quality installation and service. We offer our services to all customers, large and small. Each job is custom to our customer's particular needs. If you are interested in a free site survey please contact us.

Video Surveillance Components

Digital Video Recorders

All of our systems include a designed parts list that includes a Digital Recorder and the Cameras that are associated. All digital recorders our firm sells are networkable, which allows for remote access via the internet or smart phone by the customer. This requires an internet connection. This

 advanced software is easy to use, and scalable for a small system or multiple locations and hundreds of cameras. These systems are also scalable for hard drive capacity, so each customer can have ample recording time at whatever video quality is needed.



We provide cameras of all sizes and abilities. We will perform a detailed site survey for all locations' performance needs to be sure your system is capable of your needs. This includes options such as day/night, Infrared, pan/tilt/zoom, IP, and many lenses. For detailed configuration requests please contact us.


Large Commercial



APS has many commercial customers with multiple sites, and multiple CCTV system needs. We are experts at providing strategic installation design and software applications. This results in a high level of end-user customization and control that equals added value to a business.