Intrusion Alarm

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Commercial Monitoring Rates Start at $20.00/Month


Intrusion alarm systems are a highly effective tool for a business. These systems not only deter theft and intruders, but they can also incorporate employee and customer control, be integrated with fire alarm/access control, and more.


Each business we work with receives special attention design in a professional manner. If you are interested, please allow us to perform a survey of your sites, so we can design a system with all services you may need.


Below are explained a few basic services we commonly provide to businesses and their alarm systems.


  • Open and Close reporting is a tool that tracks who, when, and how a system is used. We manage this for your company by changing employee codes in case of turnover, emailing reports, and actively monitoring alarm signals.


  • Remote Access--Being able to control a building remotely is a great tool for control. Ask about our services which incorporate this technology.


  • Integrated Intrusion/Access Control/Fire Alarm--Our flagship system, the DMP XR550N control panel, combines UL Commercial grade fire, security, and access control into one platform. This is cost-efficient, easy to use, and fully upgradable.


For other products we sell and service, please refer to our Manufacturer's Websites, and feel free to ask about any and all options in which you may be interested.